Brother-in-law lifted my legs and fucked me the whole night

Hello friends, my name is Anjali and I am 21 years old, I am very fair, my boobs are very prominent and my ass is also quite wide.

I have had many boyfriends before and I have also got fucked by many boys, I love taking cocks of other boys in my pussy but since few days no one has put cock in my pussy due to which my pussy is very restless. Here to get fucked.

This incident happened when I had come to my sister’s house. She is just 3 years older than me and got married only a year ago. My brother-in-law is a manager in a company. Brother-in-law used to come home every night and fuck sister and sister’s moans would echo in the entire room, “Aahhh aahhh ohahhh….

One day, when brother-in-law was fucking sister, I started watching them secretly from the window. Brother-in-law was pushing his cock into sister’s pussy with great force and sister was moaning loudly, all this. Seeing this, my pussy had become completely wet and I also wanted to get fucked. After seeing the tremendous sex of my sister, I also came to my room and started fingering my pussy.

Now my thirst for pussy had increased a lot and I wanted to get fucked by brother-in-law because his penis was very long and thick, I wanted to get fucked by him in any way.

This incident happened that day when sister had to go out for work for a day, that day I went to brother-in-law’s room and started joking with him, then I told brother-in-law that I was getting very bored. I am thinking of playing Ludo together, brother-in-law also agreed to play and while having fun with me he said that we will play, but the winner should get something, right? What will the winner get?

I said whoever wins will have to do whatever the other person says, then we started playing and I won the first time.
I then told brother-in-law that you will have to dance in front of me, brother-in-law started laughing and said, no, tell me something else, I will do something else, I said, this will not happen, you will have to do what I have said, whatever you tell me, I will also do the same. I will do it, I will not refuse you, brother-in-law said, just think, then I can say anything, you will have to do it, I replied laughingly and said, now let’s dance quietly.

That day I was wearing a crop top on top from which my big breasts were visible and underneath I was wearing just shorts.

Brother-in-law said, if you dance with me, I will dance with you only.
I got ready and we started dancing.
Brother-in-law placed his hand on my waist and his eyes were fixed only on my breasts because I know that no matter how good a man is or how married he is, his penis gets erect after seeing the youth of a virgin girl.

While dancing, brother-in-law kept coming closer to me and I was also laughing and talking to him, brother-in-law’s hand slowly started coming on my boobs and I did not stop him at all, which increased his courage, suddenly he thrusted into me. He held me in his arms, I too felt a little shy and said, “Hey brother-in-law, you are doing this, leave me…

Brother-in-law said, I have held you for a while to leave, Anjali, seeing this blooming body of yours, I am not able to stop myself, please don’t stop me today.

Deep down, I too wanted brother-in-law to fuck me hard and I became more happy after knowing that brother-in-law would fuck me now.
I started having tantrums in front of him and suddenly he started kissing my lips, and now I had stopped stopping him and brother-in-law also understood that I was ready to get fucked by him…..

Brother-in-law started massaging my breasts with both his hands, after which he removed all his clothes and now he also removed all my clothes and I also became completely naked.

He then picked me up in his lap and threw me on the bed and said, “Anjali, today I will lift your legs and fuck you the whole night.” I was very shy but was very happy from inside.

Then brother-in-law started sucking my nipples and was also pressing my breasts hard with one hand, and I was enjoying it a lot. My entire pussy had become wet. After this, brother-in-law again caressed my pussy with his tongue. Started licking and at that time it felt as if I had gone to a different world…
I started moaning “Aahhh aahhh ohhhh….

After this I also started sucking brother-in-law’s penis, I like sucking boys’ penis very much.
After this, brother-in-law quickly inserted his penis in my pussy and gave a jerk and I started screaming….

Brother-in-law then started pushing hard with his penis and started fucking me fast ahhh ahhh ahhh ohhhh…. I am enjoying it very much, brother-in-law, fuck my pussy faster.

Brother-in-law again made me a mare and then kept fucking me….
Brother-in-law started saying, Anjali, you are a big whore, I don’t know how many people must have inserted their cocks in your pussy, today I will not leave you, I will fuck you to my heart’s content today.

Then brother-in-law lifted my legs and started fucking me hard and after an hour of fucking, all the juice from my pussy had gone out and then I started having a lot of pain and I kept refusing to brother-in-law but he did not stop…. .
The more I stopped him, the more he fucked me, and that whole night he lifted my legs and fucked me the whole night.

When he was about to ejaculate, he released all his semen in my pussy.
So friends, this is how my brother-in-law lifted my legs and fucked me the whole night.

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