Enjoyed lover’s penis after marriage

Hello friends, my name is Nidhi. I am a married woman. I am 28 years old. Haven’t had kids yet. I have been married for 4 years. Earlier I used to work but nowadays I stay at home. Let me tell you about my physical structure. I am not very fair looking. I am mocha-skinned. But I can say this much that my face is very beautiful and I have a beautiful smile. My figure is 34-30-36. My height is 5.5 feet. My weight remains between 55-60.

Mostly I wear saree and blouse only. So now let me tell you the incident about which this story is. 
This is from the time when I was not married. Once a relationship came for me. Those people came to our house. I also got ready and came in front of him. I am from a village, hence relationships in the village are like this. The boy who came to see me was from the city. His name was Rohan.He liked me as soon as he saw me but my family did not like him because he did not have any proper job. He tried hard to convince my family but my father flatly refused. 
He got my phone number from someone and called me.

He started saying that you are very beautiful and I want to marry you only. Rohan was a good boy but I also wanted to marry a rich boy, so I told him not to call me. I said that I can’t go against my parents, I can’t really marry you. Then she said that if you can’t marry then don’t do it, but at least keep friendship? So I said yes to friendship.

Then he kept calling me for a few days and I also started talking to him a bit. Gradually his calls stopped coming and we did not talk to him for almost a year. He got busy in his life and I got busy in my college. Once there was a wedding of one of our relatives in which our entire family had gone.
Deepak was also from the same city where the wedding took place. I remembered her so I called herHe was very happy and we decided to meet. We were supposed to meet at a juice center. He came to meet me in a Honda City car! He became happy to see me.

He was talking to me with great respect. We ordered juice. I had ordered the expensive juice. I said- Rohan, you have money, right? Because I haven’t brought any money with me. He said- You can order whatever you want, I have plenty of money!
Me- Oh wow! Where did so much money come from? And whose car is that in which you came? Rohan- It is mine only. After my father’s death, the property was divided and I bought a car and a house from what came in my share. Now I have started a small grocery shop.

Rohan- Nidhi, I still like you very much. His new car even made me think that I wish I would marry it. Then I said – Yes, I know that, but you know that the decision cannot be mine alone. For this you will have to talk to my father. Rohan- Now I can’t talk to him. Me: Why can’t you? Now you are in business and you also have a house and a car.

What he said next was no less than a shock for me.
Rohan- I am married, so I can’t talk about relationship. But it is also true that I like you very much even today. Hearing this, I was not able to understand what to say to him. I was not in love with it but I started liking it and after seeing the Honda City car, I even dreamed of traveling in the car.Then controlling myself, I congratulated him. He showed her wedding photos. His wife was beautiful but looked much shorter than him in height.

After some time I said- Rohan, I should go now. I am getting late. Lest my family members start searching for me.
He came to drop me in the car and I got down just before the venue. While leaving he said – Nidhi, I like you very much, can’t anything happen between us? I said – You have gone mad, go away from here… someone will take care. Enjoy your life.

Then within the next few months I got married in the same city. A good relationship came and the family members said yes. I had sex for the first time after marriage. Started having a lot of fun. Forgetting everything I just started enjoying sexI had become addicted to sex. Sometimes even during the day he started taking my pussy. I also became very addicted to sex.
He would do it with so much force and I would also get it done with pleasure. The result of getting fucked so much was that my figure became 36-30-36. I did not have such a good figure before marriage. The first year of my marriage went well.

Gradually, arguments started again with the in-laws. At the time of marriage he talked big and brought me home. Later it came to light that even the house was mortgaged. Dad and I coveted a big house and car but we were cheated.
But now the marriage was over. What could be done now?

My husband has a good temperament so I adapted myself there. He sold the car after a few days. Now I had to travel by bus to and from my parents’ house. Gradually my tension with my in-laws started increasing and a lot of fights started. My husband also started blaming me, all that was left was to raise my hand. This also affected our sex life, he started sleeping alone.Even after being on the same bed, there was no sex between us for 15 days. I was addicted to sex. But I was also in my arrogance so I did not take any initiative.

After that I got a job and started going out. I started making new friends and I started being happier than before.
My friend was married but still had a boyfriend.
She started telling me her stories. I also started feeling that I wish I could keep someone as my boyfriend! I could not do all this before marriage because of my father!Many of my husband’s friends liked me but I could not move ahead with them, for fear of my husband getting suspicious. I was afraid of this defamation. One day after leaving the office, my friends and I started partying by eating Panipuri Bhel… all this. After having food, we started going towards the bus stand.

Then a loud voice came from behind – Nidhi…Nidhi! I turned and saw that it was Rohan. I was very happy to see him because we were seeing each other after almost 3 years. He still remembered me. Rohan- How are you Nidhi? Do you recognize me? Me: How can I forget you, you idiot? Rohan- Come, I need to talk to you about something! Sitting in his car, we went to the same juice center where we met last time.Rohan- Nidhi, you have changed a lot, you have become so hot from before! You are looking like doom in saree. And why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?

Me: Even you didn’t invite me to your wedding! Gradually we started talking like this, we spent good time together. Then I told him- Now I am leaving. He said- Are you working? I said- yes. He said- Come, let me drop you home. Me: No Rohan, my family will not like this and it will be a problem for me too. He said- No one, I will drop you to the corner, not to the house.Still I refused and said that it would not be right if anyone saw it, so leave it, I will go by city bus. We exchanged phone numbers again as I had lost her number after marriage.

Now whenever I was in the office, I started talking to Rohan.
Now secretly I started meeting him outside. I also started feeling happy after talking to him and meeting him. Gradually I told him the secrets of my married life, he started consoling me. We started talking to Rohan every day, gradually the talk escalated to sex. He used to take the conversation to sex topic quite jokingly. I also flirted with him but remained within limits.

One day I took a half day in the office and we both went to watch a movie. Then he took me to his grocery shop. His shop had now become quite big. He said that earlier he had a small shop but now he has become a wholesale dealer. There was a counter in front and a big godown behind! I was happy to see his progress but somewhere in my heart I started feeling that it would be great if I could marry him. Rohan respected me a lot. When both of us went inside to see the godown of the shop, only the two of us were inside.

That day I wore a red saree and coffee colored blouse. In the godown, bags of wheat, pulses and rice were kept all around us. Both of us were standing and talking and had cold drinks in our hands. After talking normally for a while, he started praising me. While doing so he held my hand. By the way, once he held my hand in the movie hall, even then I thought it was normal and I also did not say anything.Now he again took my hand in his hand and started talking while holding it. I was also feeling very good. Despite handing over my entire salary to my husband, I had no respect in the family.

This thing used to bother me a lot but Rohan’s loving words started attracting me towards her. Caressing her hand, Deepak said – Nidhi, can we do something if you say yes? There was no reason for me to say no. At that time I did not say anything, just lowered my eyes. Rohan understood my gesture and came very close to me. My heart beats became very fast.Rohan held my face with both his hands and kissed my forehead. My eyes were filled with tears after seeing so much love from him. Then he started kissing my cheek from my forehead and then started kissing my neck.

I also put my lips in front and started kissing her lips. Rohan’s hands automatically came on my waist and slowly from my waist to my ass. As soon as his hands came on my ass, I understood that today he has brought me here only to fuck me. Rohan started caressing my ass over the saree. I was hungry for sex for a long time, so I also started supporting him.
Slowly, he lifted the saree from behind and put his hand inside my panty and started pressing my soft ass.

While kissing my lips, both her hands were pressing my ass and both my hands were busy holding her hair and kissing her lips. Then I said to Rohan- I should go home, it is time for me to leave office. Rohan- No Nidhi, there is still some time and I have waited for you for many years. He was not leaving my ass.

Then he pushed me back towards the wheat sack.
My face was now towards the wheat sacks, which were kept one on top of the other. He lifted my saree from behind and pulled down my panty. I also moved my legs up and down and brought the panty to the floor.

Rohan- Nidhi… your ass is very nice.’ Then he sat down and started kissing my ass. I started moaning and said – Someone will come Rohan… now stop it. He stopped and stood up. As soon as he left my saree went down on its own and got fixed. Rohan stopped for a second and went out. He probably came out saying something and closed the door of the godown from inside. Lust was clearly visible in his eyes.

He opened the buttons of his shirt and then pulled down his pants and removed them. I was watching from the front. My pussy had started itching. After a long time I was about to get fucked. He again came closer and removed my saree, coming from behind he started pressing both my boobs over the blouse. His penis started pricking me on my ass. I felt that I would be late in going home, so I quickly opened the buttons of my blouse and told Rohan to hurry up.I wanted to get fucked quickly and also to reach home. He opened the string of the petticoat and as soon as it opened, my petticoat fell on the ground.

Now she also removed the bra. Now I was standing completely naked in front of Rohan. He also removed his shirt and he too was naked in front of me. He picked me up and made me sit on a sack of rice. Now my thick thighs and pussy were in front of him. He sat down and started fingering my pussy. I started enjoying so much that I can’t explain. For the first time, a non-man was fingering my pussy.I also took my hand to his penis and started caressing it.
Then he smelled and kissed my pussy. He brought his penis closer to my mouth and I had understood that now I had to suck his penis.

I had sucked my husband’s penis earlier also, so I immediately took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it. After some time, he stopped my mouth and opened my legs and slapped my pussy 3-4 lightly with his hand. When my hot pussy was slapped, it hurt but it was also very enjoyable. He then set the penis on the pussy and thrusted the entire penis inside with great force in one go and I shuddered. Now where was he going to stop? Holding both my boobs in both his hands, he was fucking me.While fucking, he started sucking the boobs in his mouth and kept fucking from below. I too got excited and started getting fucked by raising my ass. After fucking like this for a while, he turned me upside down and thrusted his penis inside my pussy from below my ass from behind. His thrusts were very strong from behind. While fucking, he was fucking my ass by slapping it.

My water was released; The pussy had become wet but Rohan was in no mood to stop. Her lust was increasing. Rohan- Nidhi, your pussy and ass are amazing! Aah aah… my queen… you are so hot man!
Me- Aah aah… aah ahhh… more hit… fuck… ahhh.
Then he made me stand near a sack of wheat and started fucking my pussy while standing. I was getting fucked standing for the first time.

I also started enjoying a lot more while taking his penis.
Rohan- My wife is short in height so I could never fuck her in this pose. You have fulfilled this wish of mine. I can’t explain the pleasure I am having while fucking you while standing, darling… you are very sexy aaahhh. Then after lying back, he came on top of me and started fucking me vigorously. His stuff was going to come out in some time – tell me where should I put it? In the pussy or in the mouth? 
Me- Put it in the pussy… ahhh… it’s been a long time since she got the goods.

He shot his stuff inside. We both kept cuddling and enjoying those wonderful moments for 5 minutes. After that, after cleaning, I wore my clothes and she also wore them. He dropped me at the city bus stop and then I boarded the bus and came home. As soon as I came home, I went to the washroom and took a bath, then wore a gown and started working in the kitchen. Mother-in-law’s teasing and teasing started. But I was in my own world, I did not pay attention to what he said.

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