Brother-in-law broke my seal while playing-2

Hello friends, I Simran was telling you the sex story of my virgin pussy. In the first part of this brother-in-law and sister-in-law sex story, I told you how at night I saw my brother-in-law fucking my elder sister.

Along with fucking sister’s pussy, brother-in-law also fucked her ass. I saw my sister’s ass fucking live for the first time. After that both of them slept and then on the day of Holi, brother-in-law made me drink bhang. I got drunk and brother-in-law brought me to my room. Brother-in-law made me sleep on the bed and himself came and lay down near me. Then he started looking at me.

Now further brother-in-law and sister-in-law sex story:

He said- What happened Simran?
I said- Nothing brother-in-law, my head is spinning very fast!
Brother-in-law: No problem, the effect of cannabis has reached the brain, everything will be fine in some time. My eyes started closing and I placed my head in brother-in-law’s lap and started sleeping. I started feeling good. It was fun keeping my head in brother-in-law’s lap. Then I started talking to brother-in-law. I was intoxicated and started blabbering. I said- Brother-in-law, I am very angry with you. Brother-in-law: Why, what have I done? I said- Last night I slept alone and you slept with sister.

He said- So if I won’t sleep with your sister, then who else will I sleep with? She is my wife! I said- So is it necessary to become your wife to sleep with you?

Brother-in-law laughed at this and said – Yes, only the wife has the right to sleep with her husband. I said – And what you were doing with sister, does only the husband do that? He said- Have you seen it? I said- Yes, I was watching. He said – It is a game, you are too young for that. I said- No, I also want to play that game with you. Brother-in-law said- Okay, when you get married, your husband will play that game with you. Now I saw that brother-in-law’s penis had started becoming erect. But he was not talking about fucking me.

After that he got up and went to his room. My pussy was on fire to get fucked by brother-in-law’s cock. Due to this my intoxication had also subsided. That’s why I also went back. The door of his room was locked from inside. When I looked through the window, my sister was lying naked on the bed. She was mumbling something drunk and brother-in-law was on top of my naked sister. He was fucking her while pushing the cock into her pussy. Then I came back to my room. I caressed the pussy and then fell asleep while fingering.

I opened my eyes around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Then we ate food. After that sister and I both went shopping. After that sister went to meet some boy and returned within an hour. I knew that she had come after getting fucked. After that we came home again. We had dinner and then went to sleep.

I was in my room. At around 12 o’clock in the night I suddenly woke up from a sound. When I looked, brother-in-law was lying beside me and looking at me. Before I could say anything, he said – Look, I have brought a gift for you. When I saw, he had a box of chocolates in his hand. When I started picking up the chocolate, he said – You won’t get it like this. You have to play a game. I said- what kind of game? The same one you played with sister? He said- No, this is a little different from that. Let me tell you the rules.

Rule-1:- No one should know about the game except you two.
Rule-2:- This entire box of chocolates has to be finished.
Rule-3:- You will eat one chocolate and then I will eat one. You can eat chocolate anyhow. There will be no opposition.
Rule-4:- The game will not stop midway.
Rule-5:- The one who eats the last chocolate will be the winner.

I agreed. Then to start the game, brother-in-law fed me the first chocolate. Then when brother-in-law’s turn came, brother-in-law also fed me his chocolate, which I ate. Then brother-in-law took my lips near his lips and started sucking my lips. He kept sucking my lips for 5 minutes. I said to brother-in-law – Why did you suck my lips? Brother-in-law: I have eaten my number’s chocolate which was on your lips.I really enjoyed the lip kiss because it was the first time, so I fed my chocolate to brother-in-law and started sucking his lips. We both kept sucking each other’s lips. We both got hot. The game was just an excuse. Both of us wanted to have sex.

Then brother-in-law took off his jeans and t-shirt. He also asked me to take off my jeans and top. I took off my jeans and top on my brother-in-law’s request. Now both of us were in undergarments. Brother-in-law applied 2 chocolates on my hands and 2 chocolates on my thighs and made me lie down on the bed. Brother in law started sucking my hands and thighs. Gradually brother-in-law’s penis also started to swell.

Brother-in-law removed my bra while licking the chocolate from my hands. Then he started sucking chocolate from my thighs. He was unable to control himself and tore my panty in excitement. I was completely naked. There was no hair on my pussy so my pussy was absolutely clean. Brother-in-law was about to apply chocolate on my pussy but I stopped him by telling him my number. I got brother-in-law’s underwear removed. His penis was completely erect.
I asked- Brother-in-law, what is this? Brother-in-law: This is ice cream.

So I applied my share of 4 chocolates on brother-in-law’s penis and started sucking his penis. I sucked brother-in-law’s penis for about 10 minutes. Brother-in-law’s penis was about to explode. He was completely wet with my saliva. After that brother-in-law picked up 4 chocolates and started rubbing them on my boobs. Then he picked up 4 chocolates and started rubbing them on my pussy. Brother-in-law put 1 chocolate inside my pussy.

Then brother-in-law made me lie down on the bed and came on top of me. He sucked my lips for a long time. I too got lost in my brother-in-law’s love. Then he put my boobs in his mouth and started sucking them.
Moans started coming out of my mouth. While saying ‘Ohhh Jiju… Ahhh… Umm… Ohhh…’ I started pressing Jiju’s head into my boobs. Brother-in-law was also moaning loudly and talking sensually – Ohhh… my Anju… what breasts you have… it feels like I should keep massaging them with my hands or lips like this. I was having a lot of fun.

Brother-in-law sucked my boobs one by one. I was lying on the bed in a drunken state. While cleaning my stomach, brother-in-law reached my pussy.
He started sucking my pussy. Brother-in-law started eating the chocolate that was in my pussy. I went crazy. Then he got up from the bed and grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him. Then he started rubbing his penis between my pussy lips. I couldn’t bear it.I said – Ahhh brother-in-law… just… now put your cock in my pussy… fuck my pussy brother-in-law… I want to get fucked by you like Sakshi didi. Brother-in-law gave a light push.
A slight scream came out of my mouth. I screamed ummm… ahhh… hay… yaah…

But brother-in-law’s penis slipped from my tight pussy.
Then brother-in-law applied coconut oil on my pussy and his penis and again pushed lightly. A little bit of brother-in-law’s penis entered my virgin pussy. A loud scream came out of my mouth – Aahh… Jiju… slowly… ahh… mommy is dead… ahh my pussy got torn… slowly Jiju… please.

Brother-in-law stopped for a while and gave another blow and half of his penis entered my pussy. A stream of blood started flowing from my pussy.
I asked brother-in-law to take out his penis. Brother-in-law refused to remove it saying that the game cannot be stopped midway.
Saying this, brother-in-law gave another strong blow. His entire penis entered my pussy.

I was stamping my feet in pain. But brother-in-law, lying on me, was pressing my boobs and sucking my lips. After 5-7 minutes, my pain subsided and brother-in-law took out his penis a little and inserted it inside. I felt a little pain but moans like ummm… ahhh… hay… yaah… also came out of my mouth. I held his waist with my legs.Brother-in-law also moaned – Aahhh…ohhh…. Your pussy is so tight, Anjali… see how my cock is shaking in your pussy… Ohhh, I enjoyed putting my cock in your pussy, my love… I will fuck you better than your sister today… Ahhh my queen!

Then brother-in-law started fucking my pussy and increased the speed. Within two minutes I had an orgasm and became unconscious. He started fucking my wet pussy faster. Now fuch fuch sounds were coming from my pussy. After five minutes, brother-in-law held my waist tightly and started pushing with full force. Maybe he was about to cum now!

After a few moments, he pushed hard and inserted his entire penis inside. At that very moment his penis started spewing its juice into my pussy. Once again a waterfall gushed out from my pussy and it started raining semen from both of them. Had fun. Then two moments later, brother-in-law took out his entire penis and gave a strong push again. I was not at all prepared for this, I screamed in pain due to his push. With that push, all the water left inside his penis came out into my pussy.

After some time, he took out his penis and the fluid accumulated in my pussy started flowing down my thighs and falling on the ground.
Then we both went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Then we went to the bedroom and lay down in each other’s arms and we didn’t even realize when we fell asleep. When I suddenly woke up in the morning, I saw brother-in-law sucking my pussy again. I kept pretending to sleep.

After sucking for a while, brother-in-law inserted his penis into my pussy and started playing with it. I could not bear his blows because I was a new player in this game, so I woke up. Then I started supporting brother-in-law in brother-in-law and sister-in-law sex. I wrapped both my legs around brother-in-law. Brother-in-law was carrying me.

After about 10 minutes, brother-in-law came close to ejaculating.
Brother-in-law started asking me – Where will you take the cream? I opened my mouth in response. Brother-in-law took out his cock from my pussy and put it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with his cock.

When he inserted it inside, his penis would go up to my throat.
After fucking my mouth for about 5 minutes, I felt some salty taste. Brother-in-law’s semen was going into my mouth. I drank all the juice of brother-in-law. It was fun drinking their juice. I told brother-in-law – I have eaten the last chocolate, hence I am the winner of this game. Brother-in-law said- So tell me what do you want?
While caressing my breasts, I smiled and said – Scooty.

Brother-in-law also laughed and said – Okay. Next time I will take you to the hotel on your own scooter and fuck you. Then brother-in-law and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Brother-in-law wore his clothes and went to his room before sister woke up. After a few days, brother-in-law brought me a new scooter as promised. I became very happy. My pussy had got a powerful cock and along with it a new scooter.

After that brother-in-law fucked my pussy several times. My sister does not know about us brother-in-law and sister-in-law sex. Sister also gets her pussy fucked by different dicks, so I did not tell sister that I too had taken brother-in-law’s dick.

In this way I had handed over my virgin pussy to my brother-in-law. Please tell me how you liked this story of fucking my virgin pussy. Soon I will write more stories of my sex. But before that please give me your feedback.

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