The guests at home fucked me hard from front to back

Friends, my name is Bhavana. I am 23 years old. This happened when about five months had passed since my marriage. I was 20 years old at that time. Once we, husband and wife, were alone at home. My mother-in-law had gone to meet my sister-in-law the same day.

It had been about four months since we got married. It was eleven o’clock at night. My husband and I were lying on the bed in the bedroom, lip-to-lip, completely intoxicated. Just then someone knocked the door. My husband went to open the door. When he opened the door, he saw that five men were standing at the door.

I also followed my husband. I was wearing black panty. I was standing behind him secretly and listening to his words. They started saying that they have to go far away but now there is no bus, taxi or hotel available at night. Nothing is available to eat, can we get something to eat here?

At first my husband started thinking but later he felt pity for those hungry and thirsty people. He came inside and sat down and I started cooking for him. My husband sat near her. After feeding him, we also made arrangements for his sleep. All five of them went to sleep. After he left, husband again took off my maxi and I was again looking very sexy in black panty.

My husband pounced on me and kept biting and scratching my body for half an hour. Both of us were naked, just sucking and licking each other. Then he started licking my pussy.
I was having a lot of fun. Then my husband put his 6 inch penis in my mouth. I also sucked the penis a lot. Now both of us couldn’t wait to start fucking.

I was completely aroused. My husband placed his penis on my pussy and jerked it hard. In one go his penis got stuck in my pussy. I screamed loudly; it seemed as if fire was coming out of my penis. He started fucking me. He was pushing and I was screaming in pain.
While having sex, I looked at the door and saw a man watching us.

The door was slightly open. Perhaps my husband had forgotten to lock the door in the heat of sex. I was enjoying the pain of fucking so much that I didn’t think it was right to tell my husband and kept fucking with such pleasure. Then I saw that he was caressing his penis in his hand. His penis was fully erect and he was masturbating after watching the live sex between husband and wife.

After four-five minutes, my husband ejaculated into my pussy and lay down on one side, tired. My pussy had not yet ejaculated and I was wishing that its thirst would also be quenched by ejaculating!
But the husband’s work was complete, he started snoring after just five minutes. I was also panting and lying down, then I got up, closed the door and went to the bathroom. Maybe that man had gone away. I came back after washing my pussy.

Before going back to my husband, I thought of checking outside to see if anyone else was standing there. When I went outside, it was completely dark outside and no one was visible. When I went a little further, the man caught hold of me from behind and placed his hand on my mouth. Slowly he said in my ear – Ma’am please, don’t make any noise, I was watching you some time ago. I can’t stop myself, I didn’t want to bother you like this. That man’s penis was hitting my thighs. I was feeling very good.

His penis was much thicker and longer than my husband and was completely hot. I said- You wait for a while, I can’t stay here like this right now! I will come back after seeing my husband. I went inside and lay down clinging to my husband for ten minutes. When I felt that he had gone into deep sleep, I quietly got up, came out and closed the door. But by now that man had gone. When I went towards his bedroom, the door was open and the man was sitting on the bed, his other friends were sleeping.

When I signaled him to come out, he called me inside and said that everyone was in deep sleep and no one would wake up.
Saying this, he pressed me against the wall and put his penis in my hand. I took his hot thick penis in my hand and started caressing it. He started sucking my lips and caressing my pussy. I was enjoying a lot while getting my pussy massaged with my hands because I had just got fucked by my husband’s cock and there was a slight pain in my pussy.

Now he made me lie on the ground and started pressing my boobs.
Then he spread my legs and placed his mouth on my pussy and started licking it. I started moaning loudly. I was having a lot of fun. Then after licking for some time he started moving his penis on my lips.
I opened my mouth and he put his penis in my mouth and started fucking me.

His penis seemed quite long. I knew that today he would really tear my pussy. Water was coming out of my pussy. Now he placed his penis on my pussy and pushed hard and the penis penetrated halfway inside my pussy.
My pussy was not very open because I had not had sex with anyone else except my husband. Half of the penis had gone into my pussy. Because his penis was thick, it was not entering the vagina completely.

Then he gave a strong push, his penis completely entered my pussy. I screamed loudly. Hearing the scream, his friend woke up and was surprised to see us like this. Then the rest also got up. I was lying naked in front of everyone with a cock in my pussy. When I got up and started to leave, he stopped me there and did not let me go out. All of them were only in underwear and in such a short time everyone’s penis had become tense. The penises of two were ready to tear the underwear.

Seeing so many men together, I started getting more horny. I thought that I might not get such an opportunity again. I had never tasted someone else’s cock and today I had five cocks. I thought in my mind that whatever will happen today remains to be seen, I cannot leave my pussy’s thirst unfulfilled like this. Meanwhile he made me lie down on the bed. I was already naked. Everyone surrounded me and two people started pressing my boobs. The remaining three people started kissing my body.

Now everyone removed their underwear. All five of them were completely naked. Everyone had very big penises. I was very scared as to what would happen to me now. Then all five asked me to suck their penis. I started sucking everyone’s penis one by one. All five were moving their hands on my body.

After some time, I was thrown on the bed again and he started kissing my body. Someone was fingering my pussy and someone was putting cock in my mouth. Someone was pressing my ass and someone was trying to finger it. It was as if I was becoming intoxicated by the touch of so many men on my body.
I was enjoying all this so much that I can’t explain. This was my first experience. My pussy was continuously releasing water.

Now all five were ready to fuck me. A man lay down on the bed, then two people picked me up and made me sit on his penis. My pussy had become so wet that his penis completely entered my pussy. He started fucking me from below and three men stood in front of me and started putting their dicks in my mouth one by one and one started playing with my body. 
Within two minutes my pussy ejaculated.I couldn’t bear so much fun. Then after two minutes the first man ejaculated. Now the other one made me sit on his penis and started fucking me. There was a penis in my pussy and there was a penis in my mouth also. Two men were busy pressing my boobs from both sides and were holding my hands and masturbating with their penises.

The scene was such that I was surrounded by cocks from all sides. I didn’t expect what happened next. After taking out his penis from my mouth, the man came forward and climbed on the bed. He asked the man lying down to stop. There was already a penis in my pussy and now the other man also started pushing his penis in my pussy. I couldn’t understand what was happening, he started applying more force and my pussy started getting torn. He captured my lips with his lips and two cocks started entering my pussy.

My pussy got torn and blood started coming out but the man kept inserting his penis. I was just about to faint when he stopped the penis. All of them came near me again and started caressing my naked body. Some started caressing the boobs and some started caressing the back; Someone started sucking my lips and someone my neck.
Within the next five minutes all my pain disappeared. Now slowly I started getting fucked by two cocks. Initially I could not tolerate it but then gradually I started enjoying it.

Although both of their penises were soaked in the blood of my pussy.
Now both the men were fucking my pussy completely. The remaining three were putting their dicks in my mouth one by one. I was about to cum. Shamelessly I said – Fuck me hard… ahhh… and tear her apart!
It was like I had become a complete whore. Then he increased the speed. Within the next few seconds, water started flowing from my pussy again. Then I was made a bitch on the bed.

Now there were two more people left who had to fuck my pussy. I started getting fucked like a bitch and both of them took turns and fucked my pussy in the same style. Once again I orgasmed. It had been half an hour since the fucking started. My pussy was in bad condition. I thought the fuck was over. All five have lost their water. But I had forgotten that it had been more than half an hour since the two men had ejaculated and now their penises were standing erect in front of me again. He started talking about fucking my ass.
I refused him but he did not agree.

Well, I haven’t had my ass fucked till date, so I thought I’d try putting a dick in my ass. So I agreed to get ass fucked. Now they made me a bitch again and one of them spit and placed his penis on my ass. Two of them were holding me from the front. He pushed hard and his penis entered my ass. I started suffering. Four men held me tightly. I couldn’t do anything. My ass was torn.

The man started fucking my ass and slowly I started enjoying it. By the time his semen came out in my ass, my ass had opened up and the desire to get fucked again had awakened in my pussy. Now the other man climbed on me. This time the penis was inserted into my pussy. When he started fucking me, the third one stopped me and placed his penis on my ass and pushed me.

My ass hole now welcomed the second cock comfortably.
Now there was a cock in my pussy as well as my ass. There was a lot of pain but I was also enjoying a lot. All five fucked my ass and pussy a lot. He made me stand on the bed and was fucking my pussy and ass simultaneously. All five of them fucked me one by one and made me cum in my pussy. 
My pussy was filled with his semen. I remained lying with my legs spread for some time.

When I started getting up, I was unable to get up. My legs were trembling. I had been fucked a lot. I couldn’t even walk. The bed sheet was stained with blood. With the help of all of them, I took out a new sheet from the bed and spread it. 
Now I was not able to take even a single step. I said leave me in my bedroom then someone picked me up and left me on the bed in my bedroom.My husband was sleeping. All five of them fucked me like a whore for three hours. In the meantime I had orgasmed several times. I couldn’t wake up in the morning. My husband served tea to all five of them and they left. Even today I have not been able to forget that night.

I don’t even know who those people were, where they came from and where they went. But that was the biggest fucking night of my life. My pussy continued to hurt for several days. My husband felt that my pussy had become in this condition due to his fucking, so he kept on serving me. I became pregnant after having sex with all five of them. The hard fucking of those five has given me a son. Whose face resembles one of them.

I have also named my son Prince. This was the story of my group fuck. Please tell me how you liked my sex story.

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