I got fucked by 4 unknown men while drunk

Hello friends, my name is Rachna and I am from Delhi and I am 26 years old. My body is very voluptuous and my boobs are also very big and tight. My figure is 36-30-38 and my ass is also very wide, seeing which even the best men get erect. I have been fucked by many men till now and I love getting fucked by different men.

This incident happened a few months ago when it was my friend Muskaan’s birthday. That day, Muskaan’s friends and I were going to go to the club together for her birthday celebration.
That day we all had a lot of fun in the club, danced and also drank beer etc. due to which we all got very high. After the party was over, we all started going home and I also booked a cab for myself from the club and sat in the cab and started for home.

I was not feeling anything right with the cab driver because he was looking at my boobs in the mirror for a long time. That day I was wearing a short dress due to which my big breasts were clearly visible. Then the cab driver started saying to me, Ma’am, your figure is very amazing.
I understood that he got an erection after seeing my big breasts, that’s why I said yes, then what do you want to do with it?
He said, nothing ma’am, I am just saying that you have a very sexy figure.

I understood that he was teasing me, so I also felt like having fun with him, the cab driver was quite strong looking. I said ok, so do I have such a good figure?
He said yes madam, anyone would go crazy after seeing you.
I said, yes crazy, there are really many boys for me, do you also want to be one?
He said of course, if you give me a chance I will drive you crazy today, I said yes then drive me crazy today too.

At that time it was around 1 o’clock in the night and then he stopped the car on one side and he told me to come forward and then I will drive you crazy. I got up from behind and sat on the front seat. I had drank too much that day due to which I had no control over myself.

He then suddenly started moving his hands on my thighs and started kissing my lips and then after that he started kissing my neck. He was kissing me very nicely and I was completely aroused. Now he started pressing my big boobs and also pressing my nipples hard, I had gone completely crazy, “Aaahah aaahah aahaah aahaah aahaah aahaah” my pussy had also become completely wet from below.
I understood that today this cab driver was going to fuck me hard by inserting his cock in my tight pussy.

Then he started removing my dress, I refused him that not here, let’s go to some nearby hotel, no one will see here. Then he said okay and he took me to a nearby hotel and as soon as he entered the hotel room, he picked me up in his arms and threw me on the bed. He came near me and then again he started kissing my lips and pressing my breasts hard.

He then took off all his clothes and then he also took off all my clothes and now I was lying completely naked in front of him.
As soon as he saw my naked body, he said, wow, what a bitch you are…
You have such big breasts and this spread ass of yours, ahaha, today I will have fun by putting my cock in your pussy. I also told him to fuck me, when will he put his cock inside me? He said, Bitch, don’t take tension, today I will fuck your ass along with your pussy.

Then where will I get a chance to fuck a whore like you.
Are you ready to get fucked by my thick black cock?
I said to you, can I get fucked by even 4 men at once, you can call whomever you want and get fucked by whomever you want.

He said, just think, you bitch, 4 people together will fuck your pussy in such a way that you will not be able to get fucked by anyone.
I said, yes call me you bastard, today I will fuck anyone, today I will ride 4 cocks.

Then he called and invited some of his friends to come to the hotel. He had called his 3 friends and after about half an hour his friends came, before that he pressed my breasts hard and sucked my nipples, after half an hour when his friends came and they all saw me naked and said wow what a thing you bring

After that all of them also took off their clothes and then one by one they all pounced on me. Someone pressed my breasts, someone sucked my nipples, one guy started licking my pussy and the fourth one was kissing my lips “Aaahah ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh” I was completely intoxicated and I was enjoying it a lot.…

My pussy was completely wet and I was yearning to get fucked. I said to those people, fuck you two years, today you all meet me, you son of a bitch, quickly insert your thick cock into my pussy motherfucker….

Then one of them said, don’t take tension you bitch, today we will tear your pussy, then the cab driver rubbed his thick black cock on my pussy and with one stroke he inserted it into my pussy and I suddenly screamed. Gai aaah aah aah aah aah….

Now he started pushing harder into my pussy and started fucking me faster. He said why you bitch, are you enjoying it?
I said, you son of a filthy whore, fuck me hard.

He once again gave a strong blow to my pussy and then started fucking me vigorously.
Sometimes he would lift my legs and fuck me and sometimes he would make me a bitch.

He made me a bitch and then started slapping my ass hard and fucking me fast.
Till now only my pussy was being fucked, meanwhile the other guy made me lie down and started fucking my ass also.
I started moaning loudly, fuck me you bastard and fuck me…..

Then one by one they all fucked me hard and after an hour of fucking I had completely orgasmed and there was no life left in me and I was also in a lot of pain. I started crying in front of them, yet none of them stopped and one by one they lifted my legs and fucked me and sometimes made me a mare.

That night, they fucked me the whole night and after fucking, they released all their semen in my pussy.
So friends, this is how I got fucked by 4 unknown men while drunk

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