I became a prostitute because of modeling

Hello friends, my name is Pooja and today I am going to tell you all a true incident of my life that how I got trapped in modeling and became a prostitute and got fucked by many men. I am 23 years old and I am from Delhi and I am very beautiful to look at and my figure is 36,30,38.

I didn’t know much about modeling in the beginning, so I started finding out about modeling and talked to many directors and producers, then a director told me that I can get you a role in a movie, you come to our office tomorrow. Have a meeting.

The next day I went to meet the director and then met him, as soon as he saw me he said, you are very sexy Pooja, don’t worry, I will help you in modeling and will get you a role in the movie too. I was very happy listening to him because I was very interested in modeling.

The director told me that the shooting of our movie is starting after 2 months and I will give you the role of heroine in it but for that you will have to please me. I said, I don’t understand anything, what do you mean?

He said you will have to sleep with me and please me by giving your body. I was a little scared after hearing all this and I asked him, what are you talking about, then he started saying that if you want to move ahead in modeling, then you will have to do all these things, without this you cannot move ahead in modeling.

He said, you are not alone, we have many other models, if you can’t do it then it doesn’t matter, we will give this role to some other model, at that time I just had a passion in my mind to become a model. And I had to become a model at any cost, so I said yes to the director that I am ready because I did not want to lose that movie role.

The director told me, okay, then you come and meet me at the hotel tomorrow night, after this I will start your shoot soon, I was feeling a little scared but also happy about one thing that I will get a role in the films.

The next day I went to the hotel to meet the director and then he made me sit comfortably and he asked me for a drink, I refused, then he started requesting a lot, so I said okay but I will drink only a little.
He ordered beer and then we both sat together and drank beer and then slowly he was trying to come closer to me, sometimes he would touch my boobs and sometimes he would take his hand on my waist.

After drinking, he came closer to me and started kissing my lips and with one hand he pressed my boobs over my top, after some time he removed all the clothes from my body and made me completely naked and he He himself became naked.

As soon as he got naked, I got scared after seeing his penis. His penis was 8 inches thick and 4 inches wide. I had never taken such a big penis in my pussy till date. Till date, I have been fucked by only 8 to 10 people but among them No one’s penis was that big.

Then he again came near me and now he started pressing my big breasts and at the same time he also sucked my nipples, he was sucking my nipples very well and my whole body started tingling and my pussy. I was completely wet from below, I was writhing like a fish and moaning.

After this he inserted his tongue in my pussy and kept licking my pussy and slowly he went deeper and started licking my pussy and honestly friends, that day I enjoyed getting my pussy licked by that director and he started licking my pussy. He had drank all the water and my moans were echoing all over the room “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now he inserted his fingers into my pussy and started moving it in and out of my pussy with great force and I became more agitated.

He then put his cock in my mouth and made me suck his cock, his cock was very big because till date I had sucked many cocks but no one had such a big cock and his cock was not even entering my mouth properly. I started sucking his penis and then he got fully aroused and he quickly lifted my legs on his shoulders and started rubbing his penis on my pussy.

After rubbing his penis on my pussy for a long time, he gave a very strong blow and that penis went into my pussy and I started screaming, “Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah”…
He then gradually increased his thrusts and started fucking my pussy with full force and the sound of my tremendous fucking started echoing in the entire room.

Then he turned me upside down and made me a mare and started fucking me from behind and also slapped my ass hard, I used to shake my ass hard in front of him and he would give hard thrusts.
That night he fucked me a lot, sometimes he would make me a mare and sometimes he would make me a bitch.

After such a tremendous fuck, the next day my pussy was hurting a lot but I was also happy that now I will get work in films, the next day the director called me and said that you have to come to the studio tomorrow, we will get you shot tomorrow. I was happy and the next day I went to the studio. That day, apart from him, there were many other people in the studio and he started telling me to take off all my clothes and come out because photos have to be sent to the producers, so they see the entire body thoroughly.

I got ready and came out naked and I was feeling very shy, then the director told me not to be shy Pooja, if you feel shy then how will you shoot.

I then took some time and after some time the shoot started. They started taking my photos etc., then he told me to do some poses by lying down and spreading my legs, so I did the same and as soon as I lay down with my legs spread, some other guy did the same. He came and put his tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy and due to this I became completely hot and started sighing. He would take his tongue deep into my pussy and lick it thoroughly from inside and my pussy had become completely watery.

Then he took off all his clothes and then put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me fast “Aahah Aahah Aahah Aahh Aahh Aahh Aahh Aahh”….
He fucked me continuously for almost half an hour and then after ejaculating, he left all his semen in my pussy.

After having sex, I remembered that the camera was on and these people had recorded the video, so I got very scared and when I asked the director to delete the video, he refused and started telling me that now all these videos will be done only then. Will be deleted when you make us all happy.
That day I realized that all these people are frauds and they have used me by luring me into modeling.

I cried a lot in front of him but still he did not listen to me, there were about 8 men and that day all of them took turns to fuck me like a whore and by fucking me, they had worsened my condition which was Because of this I was not able to even walk. That day, all eight of them fucked me the whole night and also fucked my ass, then they deleted my video and then I took a cab and came to my home in the morning.

After coming home, my whole body was breaking down because they fucked me like a whore the whole night, so friends, I became a whore after getting trapped in this modeling affair.

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