My boss fucked me all night for promotion

Hello friends, my name is Priyanka and I am from Delhi.

I live alone in Delhi and manage my house alone. Some time ago I was facing a lot of financial problems.

Now my salary was not even fulfilling my needs, so I had to have illicit relations with my boss, after which the boss gave me a promotion but in return, the boss used to fuck me hard and now I was became his whore.

This incident happened when I was 22 years old, I look very sexy.

At that time, I was looking for a job, then I got a job in a private company and I started going to work, but the evil eye of the company boss was only on my body.

One day I went to my boss’s office and told him, “Boss, please promote me. I am working very hard and these days I am facing a lot of financial problems.”

The boss made me sit near him and started telling me that there is just this little tension, tell me how much money you want, tell me whatever you want and I will give it.

I was also very happy after hearing this from the boss and then I told the boss that I want 50 thousand.The boss said, what about 50 thousand, I am ready to give 10 lakh, I just have some wishes which you will have to fulfill.

I had understood that the boss wanted to fuck me but I started pretending to be erect in front of him.
I asked the boss, what do I have to do, boss?

The boss said you will have to sleep with me and make me happy.
I asked my boss what kind of things are you saying, I was not like that at all.

The boss told me, think again, I will give you as much money as you want, I will fulfill your every need, you will just have to quench the thirst of my body.

I told my boss that I don’t do all this and came home from there.
After coming home, I thought about it a lot because I was in great need of money and I have been fucked by many people before, so I thought that I would listen to my boss.

The next day I got ready to go to the office and went to the office and after finishing the office work, I went to the boss’s cabin to show the file.

That day I was wearing a bra-like crop top from which my breasts were coming out again and again. As soon as I held the file in the boss’s hand, some of the papers in the file fell down.

I bent down and picked up the papers and as soon as I bent down, the boss just kept looking at my breasts and his penis also got erect.

The boss suddenly caught me from behind and started whispering in my ears, whatever you want, I will give you it, you just have to get fucked by me, I want to fuck you very much.
I was being straightforward in front of the boss and I was just telling him that I would not do all this.

Then the boss suddenly took me in his arms and started kissing my lips and started pressing my breasts.I also started liking it very much, then I did not say anything to the boss and let him do whatever he wanted.

The boss had removed my top and now I was just in bra in front of him and then he also opened the hook of my bra and now my breasts were completely free and the boss started sucking my breasts and I too had become very hot.

The boss whispered in my ears, I want to fuck you to my heart’s content today, tell me, will you fuck me? I replied and said but not here because if someone comes inside the cabin?

Boss again booked the hotel and I also wore the top and I again went to the hotel with the boss.

As soon as I entered the hotel, the boss picked me up in his lap and threw me on the bed.
The boss took off all my clothes and now I was lying completely naked in front of him. After this the boss also removed his clothes and started kissing my lips and pressing my breasts hard.

After this the boss started sucking the nipples of my breasts and started putting his fingers in and out of my pussy.
I started moaning, after this the boss started licking my pussy with his tongue, at this time it seemed as if I had got the ultimate pleasure of my life and I had gone to a different world.

After a while, the boss inserted his cock directly into my pussy with one push, and I screamed ‘Aaah aaah uiiiiii ooooo’. The boss then pushed his cock in and out of my pussy with force for a long time and after that The boss fucked me for a long time even after making me a mare.

My boss was very young and was fucking me very well, I just felt like getting fucked.

The boss started pushing hard into my pussy, and started cursing that, today I will tear your pussy.
And my moans also became louder, ‘Aaah uiiiiii uuu ufff’ I asked the boss to stop but he was not at all ready to stop.

Perhaps she had not fucked anyone for a long time.
He was fucking me like a whore, very hard, sometimes in the form of a mare and sometimes in the form of a bitch.
After having sex for a long time, semen came out from the boss’s penis. That night the boss fucked me a lot and that day I was also very happy after getting fucked by the boss.

After fucking, the boss gave me 2 lakh rupees and told me that you can ask from me whenever you need, but in return I want your pussy.

After this, whenever I needed money, I used to get fucked by the boss and now I had become the boss’s whore.


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