My first fuck boyfriend made me a mare and fucked me the whole night

Hello friends, my name is Neha and I am from Kanpur and today I am going to tell you the story of my first sex, how my boyfriend made me a mare and fucked me the whole night. Even today, when I remember this fucking of mine, my pussy becomes completely wet.

This happened 2 years ago when I was 18 years old, at that time I had a boyfriend Ankur who was 24 years old and he was very smart in appearance. At that time, only 3 months had passed between Ankur and me and we had gradually started getting closer. Ankur used to tease me and talk to me romantically which made me hot and then he would slowly come close to me and kiss me, press my breasts, suck my breasts.

Ankur wanted to fuck me but I was very scared of fucking because my seal had not been broken till then and I was afraid that fucking would be very painful for the first time.
Ankur used to call me every day and say that Neha, if not today then tomorrow I will have to fuck you, I will definitely break the seal of your pussy, I will fuck you hard the whole night.

Hearing all this, I used to get excited and I also felt like getting fucked, but I used to pretend in front of Ankur that I did not like all this.

One day there was no one at Ankur’s house and that day Ankur called me to his house and I went. Ankur had told me to tell at my house that today you will stay at your friend’s house for group study. I gave the excuse of group study at home and came to Ankur.

As soon as I entered Ankur’s house, he quickly closed the door and took me tightly in his arms and started kissing me. I was very shy and started pretending to refuse Ankur. Ankur said today Neha, I will definitely eat you, today I will do it only after breaking the seal of your pussy and I will fuck you the whole night by turning you into a mare.
Hearing this, I became very excited and had no control over myself, he picked me up in his lap and brought me to his room and locked the room.

He laid me down on the bed and started kissing my lips and then he started kissing my neck too and I was getting completely nauseous. Sometimes he would kiss my ears and sometimes on my neck and slowly he would He kept coming down and then he started pressing my boobs.

Now I was lying completely naked in front of Ankur and then he started pressing my boobs hard and started massaging my nipples and I started sighing loudly.
Sometimes he would put my nipples in his mouth and suck them and sometimes he would bite my nipples with his teeth.

After this he started rubbing his fingers on my pussy and I started enjoying it a lot and then slowly he tried to put his fingers inside my pussy and moved his fingers up and down faster. At that time I was enjoying and also feeling some pain and my pussy was completely wet. After this he put his tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy and I started moaning loudly Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh.

At that time it was as if I had reached heaven and I was enjoying it very much and I pressed his head with my legs so that he could go deeper inside and lick my pussy. He was licking my pussy very well and after licking he drank all the juice from my pussy.

Now he came over me, held both my hands in his hands and started kissing me, looking into my eyes and then after some time he placed his thick cock on my pussy and started rubbing his cock on my pussy and he inserted his cock in my pussy. I felt a lot of pain at that time and I started to stop him but Ankur was not ready to stop, he was saying that baby it is just a matter of 5 minutes, there will be some pain but then later you will start enjoying.

He then gave a strong blow to my pussy and his penis went inside my pussy and I just screamed “Aaah Aaah Aaah Aahaah Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah” The seal of my pussy was broken and blood was still coming out from my pussy. Ankur did not stop and he started forcing himself on me and started fucking me. Initially I was feeling a lot of pain but after some time I started enjoying a lot and he started fucking me very fast.

After this, he made me a bitch and then holding my hair in his hands, he started slapping my ass hard and from behind, he pushed his penis hard into my pussy and I moaned loudly.

I was unable to walk at all with my legs, I was limping, somehow I reached home and then went home and slept because Ankur had made me in a bad condition by fucking me.

So friends, this is how my boyfriend Ankur broke my seal, turned me into a mare and fucked me the whole night.

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