Brother-in-law broke my seal while playing-1

Hello friends! My name is Simran. I am 20 years old and currently studying B.A. My figure is 33-28-34 and complexion is fair. Today I want to tell you all the sex story of brother-in-law and sister. We are two sisters. I also have a brother. My elder sister is Sakshi. Sakshi didi is 26 years old. We both sisters are very good friends ever since I saw my sister getting fucked by two boys in the rooftop room.

That day I came early from college. There was no one at home except sister, so she was getting fucked by two boys in the upstairs room. Sister got scared after seeing me and then to keep me quiet, she took me shopping later. He asked me not to tell anyone about this. I did not tell anyone and since then sister became open with me. She used to get fucked by boys even when I was at home. Didi also had sex with boys from her college.

Now the story I am going to tell happened with me. This incident happened a year ago when sister got newly married. Sister is 6 years older than me. Sister’s age is 26 years and brother-in-law’s age is 30 years. I had gone to my sister’s in-laws’ house on last Holi. Sister and brother-in-law used to sleep in one room. I used to sleep in another room. I was afraid to sleep alone. I was feeling very scared one night. Despite many efforts, I could not sleep, so I got up and started going towards my sister’s room. Strange noises were coming from my sister’s room, so I stopped outside and started looking through the window.

I saw that sister and brother-in-law were completely naked. Brother-in-law was lying on top of sister and was fucking her. Seeing all this, I did not go inside and went to my room and slept. The next night I went to his room before he slept. I said- I am scared, then he said- No problem, sleep here with us! After that, brother-in-law went to sleep first but we two sisters kept talking for some time. Then sister started feeling sleepy. I lay down next to brother-in-law and sister slept next to me. I woke up around 12 o’clock in the night.I found that brother-in-law’s feet were on my legs and his hand was near my boobs.

Brother-in-law was sleeping so he pressed my boobs. They thought I was sister. When I moved a little to remove his leg, he made me face my sister in my sleep and started sleeping by placing his hands on my chest and holding my boobs, then his hands started pressing my boobs lightly. Perhaps he had lost his sleep and was thinking of me as his sister.The room was dark so nothing could be seen. I also kept pretending to sleep but I was enjoying a lot as brother-in-law pressed my boobs. Brother-in-law’s penis had become erect and started pricking my ass.

Then I don’t know what happened suddenly, he sat up and perhaps he came to know that I was his sister-in-law. He removed his hand and got up and lay down next to his sister. There was some whispering between them. Then brother-in-law started pressing didi’s boobs. I was watching everything with my eyes slightly open. They thought I was sleeping. Brother-in-law was squeezing her boobs over her maxi in a fun way, then he lifted her maxi and started kissing her pussy over her panty. Sister started pressing brother-in-law’s mouth into her pussy.It seemed as if brother-in-law was eating her pussy vigorously.

After that he again started sucking didi’s lips, then I closed my eyes and kept listening to the puch puch sounds of his kissing and licking. I also started feeling water coming into my pussy. When I opened my eyes again, brother-in-law was removing didi’s nightie. Now sister was in bra and panty. Brother-in-law started pressing her breasts hard over her bra and lying on her, started sucking her lips. Brother-in-law and sister were sucking each other’s lips. Brother-in-law was also pressing sister’s boobs.Then he turned Didi over and opened her bra and her big boobs were freed. He started squeezing her naked boobs hard.

By now sister had become completely horny. She caught hold of brother-in-law’s penis, groping it over the pajamas and started caressing it. Seeing sister’s sex, brother-in-law opened his pajamas. His penis was making a tent in the underwear below. Sister started pressing that tent. By now brother-in-law had started sucking sister’s breasts. Didi was moaning but not making much noise. By the way, sister used to get fucked by boys at home in front of me, so she had no shame in getting fucked by brother-in-law in front of me.But she did not want to make brother-in-law realize that both of us sisters had sex secrets, then she made sister lie down on the bed and removed sister’s panty.

Brother-in-law spread her legs and started sucking sister’s pussy by placing his mouth between her thighs. Seeing this I suddenly became horny. Only a very lucky woman gets a fuckable husband like brother-in-law. I became a fan of brother-in-law after seeing this.
He was sucking Didi’s pussy vigorously and Didi was pressing his head on her pussy between her thighs with her hands. Sister had now started tossing her head left and right. The fucking had become beyond her tolerance.After sucking pussy for some time, brother-in-law stood up and took off his underwear. For the first time I saw brother-in-law’s 6.5 inch penis with my own eyes. I went crazy after seeing it. Seeing brother-in-law’s penis, I also started feeling like getting naked in front of brother-in-law and opening my pussy and he could fuck my pussy hard with his penis.

There was a very strong orgasm in my pussy. As soon as the penis came in front of her eyes, sister pounced on it as if she was seeing a penis for the first time in her life. Whereas she had taken who knows how many dicks in her mouth and pussy before this. She started sucking brother-in-law’s penis vigorously. Brother-in-law also held sister’s head and started fucking her mouth vigorously. Now I was thinking that I wish I could also get brother-in-law’s penis…I too should quench the thirst of my pussy with his cock. Only a man who loved a woman’s body like this could make my pussy completely happy. Sister kept sucking his penis for a long time. Brother-in-law kept playing with her breasts. When he could no longer bear it, he made Didi lie down and placed his penis on her pussy.

Then he placed his penis on her pussy and started rubbing it. Sister started massaging her breasts. She was rubbing her pussy with her brother-in-law’s penis. When sister couldn’t stop herself, she held his penis in her hand and started trying to take it into her pussy herself. But the penis belonged to brother-in-law. Couldn’t go into the pussy without their wish. He set his penis on the pussy hole and in one go inserted his penis into sister’s hot pussy.As soon as the penis entered the sister’s pussy, an intoxicating ‘ahhh’ came out from the mouths of sister and brother-in-law simultaneously. Then the next moment his penis was completely inside sister’s pussy. Sister fucking started.

Brother-in-law inserted his penis completely and increased his speed. He started fucking sister’s pussy in missionary position. Didi seemed busy eating his lips. After fucking sister in this pose for five minutes, he turned her into a mare. Then he got on his knees and started fucking her pussy from behind. I could see sister’s breasts moving back and forth. When brother-in-law’s penis entered sister’s pussy and hit her ass, there was a thumping sound. Hearing these erotic sounds of fucking, my pussy felt like it was on fire.My pussy released water and soaked my panty. After fucking for 10 minutes, brother-in-law took out his penis from sister’s pussy and started rubbing it on her ass.

Didi pushed him back. He said- What happened dear? Sister- No, not now. Simran will get up. Brother-in-law: If you haven’t woken up yet, will you wake up now? Didi said- No, there will be more sounds while taking it in the ass. It hurts a lot. Brother-in-law: I will grease your ass and penis completely, darling. Saying this, he got up and picked up the oil bottle while looking through the torch of his phone.Then, taking oil in his hand, he started putting oil in didi’s ass with his finger. After making the ass completely smooth, he applied oil on the penis also and then holding sister’s ass, started pushing his penis inside her ass.

Sister started tolerating the cock while saying aahh…ohhh….
But without stopping, brother-in-law slowly inserted the penis completely.
For the first time, I was seeing my sister taking a cock in the ass. After inserting his entire penis inside, he bent over my sister and started fucking my sister’s ass like a dog. After fucking sister for 10 minutes, brother-in-law was about to ejaculate. Then suddenly he made Didi lie down. Sister’s head was towards me and brother-in-law’s face was also towards me.

He started thrusting his penis vigorously into her sister’s mouth. Sometimes he would even put the penis in the mouth in between. In this way, while playing with my dick on my sister’s face, a squirt came out of my dick and it fell directly on my mouth. The water spray passed over my sister’s head and fell on my mouth. I handled that moment with great difficulty.Brother-in-law’s cream flowed on my mouth. Both of them exchanged pleasantries and then didi got up and cleaned the cream from my mouth. I kept pretending to sleep. Brother-in-law might have become suspicious. Firstly, he had already pressed my boobs, even then I had not woken up. Now when the squirt of his penis hit my mouth, I still did not wake up.

Then that night both of them slept after having sex. My pussy was wet and I also fell asleep with the yearning of my wet pussy. The next day passed like this again. The next day i.e. the third day was Holi again. Next day I woke up early to play Holi with brother-in-law. My sister and brother-in-law played Holi in the locality till around 10 am. After that brother-in-law brought cannabis.Sister forbade me to drink but she herself drank three glasses. Within a short time, sister started getting intoxicated. She started dancing in her own joy. Then brother-in-law came to me and gave me bhang to drink. I drank a glass of bhang. As soon as I finished the first glass, brother-in-law put the second glass in front of me.

I started refusing but brother-in-law caught hold of me and started feeding me with his hands. He drank the second glass himself. Then I drank the third glass also from my brother-in-law’s hands. Due to intoxication, my sister was no longer able to handle herself. Brother-in-law then took him to his room. He came back after putting his sister to sleep in the room. I was engrossed in dancing outside. After five minutes, brother-in-law also came and we both started dancing together. Then I also started getting more intoxicated. I was unable to control myself and became unconscious in my brother-in-law’s arms.

I could see but everything seemed to be spinning. Brother-in-law saw my condition and picked me up and brought me to the room. Brother-in-law made me lie down on the bed and he himself came and lay down near me. How do you like the brother-in-law and sister’s sex story? You must tell me by commenting.

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