Husband’s friend fucked me all night

Hello friends, my name is Ankita and today I am going to tell you all the most amazing sex story of my life, remembering which even today my pussy becomes watery.

This happened after 2 years of my marriage and this is one of the most amazing pussy fucks of my life.

My husband works in a private company, he has to work for long hours, hence sometimes he comes home late, sometimes he has to go out of the city due to his work.

My husband has a friend, Amit, who is a manager in a big company. He used to come to our house many times, and sometimes used to sit with my husband and drink beer etc.

It was a day when both my husband and Amit were drunk, my husband and Amit were very drunk and my husband was very drunk that day so he just kept sitting in the hall, then Amit got up from there. He comes to the kitchen, I was cooking food in the kitchen at that time when Amit asked me and Bhabhi ji, how are you?
I replied I am fine, tell me how are you?

Amit used to say, Bhabhiji, I am just living, it’s all thanks to you, I started laughing after listening to him because whenever he used to come home, he always used to make fun of me by talking like this.

Then I asked Amit to take down the sugar box from above and give it to me, then Amit took down the box and gave me the box and said, Bhabhi ji, you are sweeter than sugar.

Suddenly the box falls down from my hand and when I bend down to pick it up, the pallu of my saree also slips and I was wearing a bra-like blouse from which my big breasts were visible.

Amit just kept looking at my breasts, the size of my breasts is 36 and my ass is also very wide, I have been fucked by many boys during my college days.

I picked up the box and placed it on top, then Amit said to me, Bhabhi ji, your figure is amazing, I just feel like staring at your body.

I felt shy after hearing this, Amit came from behind and put his hand on my waist, and at that time, it was as if I had reached a different world. I did not refuse Amit at all, due to which his courage increased further, then suddenly he caught hold of me from behind, I asked Amit, what are you doing, someone will come.

Amit said, no one will come, sister-in-law, Rahul is lying downstairs drunk.

Friends, my husband had not fucked me for a long time because he is always very busy in work due to which he does not fuck me, I feel like getting fucked very much, that is why I was thinking in my heart that I want to get fucked by Amit. Let me get fucked.

Then Amit again held me tightly from behind and he started pressing my breasts and I became hot after this.
I asked Amit, Amit, what are you doing?

Amit said, Bhabhi, I just want to fuck you, sometimes by making you a mare, sometimes by making you a bitch.
I know Rahul is not able to fuck you properly because he is busy with work, tell me, will you fuck me?

Hearing this, I felt shy and pushed Amit away and then I shyly ran to my room.

Then for several days this thing kept roaming in my mind because I also wanted to get fucked by Amit, but was just shy to say so.

One day, my husband had gone out of the city, so that day I called Amit and said that yes, I want to get fucked by you, now you just come home quickly and fuck me.

Amit comes home in half an hour and that day there was no one else at home except the two of us, as soon as Amit came he asked me why sister-in-law, how come you are ready to get fucked now?
Today I will not leave you, today I will tear your ass.

Hearing all this, I became very hot and said to Amit, yes, tear my pussy, fuck me to your heart’s content, just don’t tell this to anyone.

Amit said, Hey sister-in-law, what are you talking about, I will not tell anything to anyone.

Then Amit and I came into the room, as soon as we entered the room, Amit started kissing my lips and started pressing my breasts with both his hands, my entire pussy had become wet from below, Amit then quickly Took off her clothes and then made me completely naked.

Now I was completely naked in front of him and his eyes were not moving away from my breasts, he started saying wow Bhabhi, what breasts you have, whoever fucks you has fun, and after that he started sucking the nipples of my breasts. He did it and laid me down on the bed and started moving his fingers in and out of my pussy, which I was enjoying a lot.

After that she started licking my pussy with her tongue and at that time I had reached the paradise, I started taking siskaris loudly, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Now my tight pussy was completely wet from below and I said to Amit, don’t torment me any more, just quickly put your cock in my pussy.

Friends, Amit’s penis was very thick and long, looking at his penis I was feeling very happy that today I was going to get fucked by a thick penis.

Then Amit lifted both my legs and placed them on his shoulders, placed his penis on my pussy, aimed it and inserted it inside in one stroke and I screamed, “Aahhh aahhh aahhh aahhh aahhh aahhh”.

Then Amit would push my pussy hard and fuck me hard. Sometimes he would fuck me like his mare and sometimes he would fuck me like a bitch.

Slowly he increased his speed and now he was fucking me very hard “Aahhh aahhh aahhh oooh aahhh”

And that day, Amit fucked me the whole night, all his semen remained in my pussy, now whenever I felt like getting fucked, I used to call Amit home and get fucked. That day was the most memorable day of my life because that day Amit had quenched the thirst of my pussy.

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