Brother-in-law stripped me naked and fucked me breaking my bed

Hello friends, my name is Asha and I am 33 years old and what to say about my figure, my body is very attractive. Anyone’s penis can get erect after seeing my big amazing breasts and my spread ass.

My husband is mostly out of the house for work but we talk for hours on the phone. I spend the day time with my sister-in-law Neha and her child, but I cannot sleep early at night.
What should I do with it?

Sometimes I wish my husband would take me along with him because every night there are very sensual sounds in brother-in-law’s room which make me hot and I feel like getting fucked by him.

It was a day when brother-in-law was fucking Neha at night and Neha’s moans were echoing in the whole house, “Ahhhhh.”
My pussy had become completely wet after hearing her moans.

This incident happened when my sister-in-law Neha was going to her parents’ house for a few weeks because her mother was unwell.
Then from that day onwards, for a week, I was going to cook food etc. for my brother-in-law.

I had prepared food for brother-in-law and went to his room to give him food. That day, brother-in-law had drunk too much alcohol. As soon as I bent down to put the food on his table, the pallu of my saree slipped down. And my big breasts became visible, brother-in-law’s eyes were not moving from there and he was just looking at my breasts.

After having dinner, when everyone slept, brother-in-law suddenly came outside my room and started knocking on the door and I got up and opened the door and as soon as I opened the door, brother-in-law came into my room, closed the gate and held me tightly.

I started saying, hey brother-in-law, what are you doing?
Brother-in-law said, today I have gone crazy after seeing your big breasts, today I want to fuck you with all my heart, I want to enjoy this youthfulness of yours, tell me, will you get fucked by me?

I started saying what are you saying, are you drunk? Actually, that day he drank too much and then he started saying, I will play with you all night today.

I was feeling very good from inside that today I was going to get fucked by my brother-in-law for the first time.

I started throwing tantrums in front of him saying no no you go out, you are drunk a lot, he said today I will strip you naked and fuck you the whole night.

Brother-in-law then suddenly opened my saree and I started throwing tantrums but I could not stand it and he also opened my petticoat and blouse. I was in front of him only in bra and panty, he now held me tightly and removed my bra and panty, making me completely naked and threw me on the bed and also took off all his clothes.

I kept throwing tantrums in front of him again and again, then suddenly he started kissing my lips and started pressing my breasts with his hands and then started sucking my nipples.

Now I had also started supporting him, my pussy was completely wet from below and he put his fingers in my pussy and started moving them in and out vigorously, I started moaning loudly “Aahhhhhh Aahhh aahh aahh ahh ahhh”.

After this, brother-in-law started licking my pussy like crazy and licked my pussy for a long time and then inserted his cock into my pussy and started pushing hard and in this way he fucked me the whole night. He made me a mare and a bitch and fucked me hard and I also enjoyed it a lot.

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