I got fucked all night in the sugarcane field

Hello friends, I am your dear friend Preeti and today I am here with a new story of my sex. As you all probably know that I am very thirsty for cock. The depth of my hole is about six inches, but I can go up to nine inches.

Friends, this is the story of my village, when the marriage procession came to Jyoti’s house. Everyone was having fun in the wedding procession, dancing, and everything was going well. There is a boy named Aman in my village. He is twenty-five years old, he is a very handsome and very young boy.

I have talked to her for many years, and have had sex with her several times. But I miss this sugarcane field fuck a lot. Friends, everyone was having fun in the wedding procession, I was also enjoying with my friends. We were all very happy.

But Aman already wanted to fuck me. He had already said, “Preeti, save your pussy from me on the wedding day.”

It was around 11 o’clock at night. Everyone had also eaten food. I had also eaten, and was about to go home, but Aman just wanted to fuck me.

Friends, I look very hot. I am 19 years old. That day she was looking even hotter with full makeup. I had come wearing a crop top in which my stomach was visible.

Aman gestured to me and said, “Come”. I also smiled and said, “No-no”. He said, “Come”.

Now he started coming towards the direction where I was standing. I started going into the darkness a little, and he also started following me.

In some time I came out. He also came and said, “Preeti, come on man please, I want to fuck you”.

I said, “Aman, are you crazy?” Today is the wedding”. He said, “It is not yours, right?”

I said, “What if it is not mine? “Aman now started coming towards me and said, “Preeti, come to the sugarcane field”. Now I also started getting intoxicated, intoxicated by cock.

I said, “Take me where you want to go, take me.” He picked me up in his lap and took me to a nearby sugarcane field. And I was completely silent. Friends, I was feeling very hot because I was wearing a net crop top.

I said to Aman, “Man, I am feeling very hot”. While kissing me he said, “Preeti, let me cool your heat now”. I was very close to Aman. Aman was also very clingy to me.

Friends, Aman slowly started removing my clothes, and I was lying quietly. He took off all my clothes. Now I was completely naked in front of him, but it was very dark. Neither was he able to see my pussy, nor could I see his penis.

But were touching each other.

Now Aman also became naked, and as soon as his seven-inch penis touched my body, I became very hot.

My pussy also started releasing juice.

I said, “Start peace”. He said, “Yes, Preeti of course”. Now he started fucking me from the front with both my legs spread.

My pussy was also in pain. I said, “Aman and fuck me fast, man.” He said, “Yes Preeti”. Now he increased his speed and started fucking hard

I am ah ah ah aah , no peace will be torn, no ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aan aan aman please do not know like this and was screaming and suffering.

But his penis was not taking the name of sitting, it was just getting fucked. My pussy was totally tired. I was totally exhausted, but he was fucking me continuously, thump thump thump.

Now my pussy had thrown out the water, and he drank all the water from my pussy, and said to me, “Dear, it is very tasty, man”.

I also said, “Now you also give me your water to drink”. He laughed and put his penis in my mouth and said, “Whore, take it and drink it, you bitch, you motherfucker, you whore and sister-in-law, you bastard, take it and drink it all.”

I too was drinking his hot stuff with pleasure and enjoying. I had taken his penis in my mouth and he was fucking me in my mouth. She fucked me so well, what can I tell you friends. I was taking a trip to heaven.

Then he did the second round. Now I was also ready. My pussy can take a dick not only of seven inches but also of nine inches.

Now he again inserted his tight penis into my soft pussy. I just let out a sigh. But he had just come to fuck, and how could he leave without enjoying it completely. I was also getting fucked. After that he made me a mare and fucked me from behind.

His penis was easily entering my pussy, and I was getting my pussy fucked easily. He was fucking me with all his heart, and I was also fully supporting him. Sometimes he was fucking me in this position and sometimes in that position.

The brother-in-law made my pussy full. Now any dick can easily enter my pussy.

Friends, when a penis enters the vagina, one remembers one’s grandmother. Just imagine how much pain we feel when a needle pricks us. But what would happen when such a tight penis of 7 inches completely enters a soft vagina?

Well friends, I have become used to taking dicks.

Friends, I wanted to become a porn star because I would get a chance to get fucked by big cocks. And he will lick my pussy very well and gang fuck me. How many cocks will I have? I am crazy about cock, I can get fucked by anyone.

I love penis very much. Because he is the one who takes care of my pussy. After all, if there is no penis then what is the use of my pussy?

I kept getting my soft pussy fucked by Aman the whole night, and Aman was fucking me like a porn star. He says, “Should I fuck you with this step, is it fun?” I also said, “Yes Aman, fuck me as per your wish”.

Friends, Aman stayed near my wife that whole night. Sometimes he worshiped her, sometimes he licked her. My pussy was in his hands, he could do whatever he wanted.

That night Aman did three rounds with me in the whole night.

Now I was tired, and he was also tired. So we came back to our respective homes.

But I love Aman and his penis very much. And my daughter also loves his penis very much.

This relationship between pussy and penis is the biggest relationship. Without this I am useless. I just want a tight and young cock.

Friends, how did you like my real story, please tell me in comments.

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