After breakup with my friend I fucked his girlfriend

Hello friends, my name is Akash and I am from Delhi.
I am 24 years old, my penis is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.

My friend Tanishk is 24 years old and his girlfriend Komal is 21 years old, this sex story is about them.

First of all, let me tell you all about Komal that Komal is very beautiful, sexy, her figure is also amazing, the size of her breasts is 36 and her ass is also very wide.

Tanishk had told me one day that he is with Komal only to fuck her because Komal loves getting fucked, she likes fast thrusts, she is very hungry for sex, she is always ready for sex. She also loves getting her ass fucked.

Before meeting Tanishk, Komal was very thin, but after meeting him, Tanishk had made her figure amazing by fucking her, her breasts could not even be held in his hands and by fucking her, he made her ass. Had also made it very thick.

Tanishk used to fuck Komal a lot since 2 years, due to which he was now bored with Komal because he was telling that she is a whore, she can get fucked by anyone, she has had many sex affairs before this too and she She has taken many cocks before also.
Many of these boys have also fucked her during college time.

Komal was serious for Tanishk but Tanishk just used her to fuck her.
After some time, Tanishk broke up with Komal and now Komal was very upset and kept crying.

When Tanishk told me that he has broken up with Komal, I was very happy to hear this and all I could think of was to woo Komal.

I messaged Komal the very next day, hello, how are you?
There was no response from her for a long time because she was very upset, after 4 hours I got a message from her that I was not well, Tanishk broke up with me.

I asked Komal, what happened, and why the breakup?
Should I talk to Tanishq?

She said, maybe now he has found some other girl and now he doesn’t want to be with me.
While saying all this, Komal started crying, I hushed her and said that crying will do nothing, it will only cause trouble to you, forget it.

Komal said, friend, it is not easy to forget, we had a relationship of 2 years, I am not able to forget, what should I do?

I told Komal, don’t take tension, I am with you, I will help you forget him, you will forget everything and will be happy like before.

I again told Komal, come out somewhere with me tomorrow, you will like it.
Komal said ok let’s meet tomorrow.

The next day, Komal and I went out for a walk and also had dinner together, similarly I kept taking Komal out for walks many times and then she started feeling better.

Now she had started getting used to me and she herself used to call me 10 times a day.

Now my work became very easy and now I understood that she had become attached to me and she liked talking to me.

Then one day I took Komal to the cinema hall to watch a movie.
That day, an English movie was being shown which had many hot scenes, we sat and started watching the movie together.

In between, there were some hot scenes in the movie, seeing which Komal became very hot and my penis also became erect.

I immediately held Komal’s hand in mine, she did not refuse me at all, due to which I came to know that she liked me, this increased my courage and right there I kissed Komal’s lips with my lips. He started and put one of his hands inside her top and started pressing her breasts.

My penis had become very hard now, then I said softly to Komal, Komal, should we go to the hotel, I feel like doing all this, tell me will you go.

Initially she started throwing tantrums, then somehow I convinced her and now we came to the hotel.

As soon as I reached the hotel, I started kissing Komal’s lips and then slowly started kissing her neck.
After this I took off my clothes and then made Komal also half naked.
Now she was in front of me only in bra and panty.

She was wearing a black colored bra and her breasts were coming out of her bra again and again.
My penis had become so hard that I tore her bra and removed her panty while kissing her with my lips.

Now she was completely naked in front of me, after this I started massaging her breasts vigorously and then started sucking her nipples, she now started moaning loudly “Aahhh aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah”

I put my fingers in Komal’s pussy and started moving them in and out, due to which she had become very hot. After this, I started licking Komal’s pussy and she was now completely wet from below, after this I inserted my penis. Started rubbing her pussy.

Komal suddenly started writhing in agony and said, quickly put your cock in my pussy Akash, don’t torment me anymore.

Now I prepared to aim by placing my penis on her pussy and after capturing her lips with my lips, I gave a strong jerk and at the very first moment she screamed “Aahhh aahhh aahhh oooh aahhh aahhh”.

After this, I started fucking her hard and she was also enjoying it a lot.
Now I made her a mare and now I started fucking her like a mare, Komal loves getting fucked like a mare.

Now she was on top of my penis and she was jumping and pushing with my penis and was shouting louder and louder, baby, faster, faster, ahhh ahhh, fuck me hard baby, tear my pussy today, oh yes ahhhhhh. .

She started jumping fast on my penis and along with her, her big breasts were also jumping, I was also pressing her breasts with my hands.

After this, I started pushing my cock hard into Komal’s pussy and she was enjoying it a lot.
Her pussy had become completely wet and now she started asking me to stop but I was not going to stop now, I told Komal that the fucking has just started, today I will fuck your ass along with your pussy.

Then I put my cock in her ass and fucked her for a long time, she started crying that please don’t fuck me anymore, but I didn’t stop and kept fucking her.

In this way, I fucked her hard for 1 hour and I released all my semen in her pussy.

There was no limit to my happiness that day because I had wanted to fuck her for a long time.

So friends, this is how I seduced and fucked my friend’s girlfriend.

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