Fucked his slutty sister-in-law by turning her into a mare

Hello friends, my name is Harsh, I am 22 years old and I am from Punjab. This story is about my sister-in-law who plays very tantrums. My sister-in-law’s name is Sheetal and she is 28 years old and her figure is also very sexy. If anyone sees my sister-in-law, his penis will get erect.

My sister-in-law is a housewife, I often go to her house, similarly one day I go to her house, she was cooking in the kitchen, so I talked to her for a bit and I started watching TV inside the room, after that I suddenly felt When I heard sister-in-law’s screams, I ran to the kitchen and saw that sister-in-law had fallen down, so I picked her up and took her to the bedroom.

His feet were hurt so I started massaging his feet. Sister-in-law started telling me that Harsh, I have to go to the doctor, you can drop me on your bike. Then I got ready to take sister-in-law to the doctor in the evening and sister-in-law was also ready to go. I jokingly told my sister-in-law to hold me well otherwise I might fall. Sister-in-law laughed a little and then sat holding me tightly.

By 8 o’clock in the night we come home from the doctor and then after feeding her food and medicine, I tell her that it is okay, now I am going home. Sister-in-law said, Harsh, you stay here today, I am not well. I also said that it is fine, sister-in-law, and also called home and said that today sister-in-law is unwell, so I am staying here today.

I started pressing on sister-in-law and she also started talking to me about a lot of things, she started telling me that she doesn’t feel like being without brother, his US visa was approved so he left and sister-in-law has been living alone for 2 months. .
I didn’t know when I fell asleep while talking. In the middle of the night I felt something on my penis and then I opened my eyes and saw that sister-in-law was playing with my penis over my pants.

I asked my sister-in-law, what are you doing all this, then she said that since your brother went out, I have not had sex, I feel like getting fucked, maybe I have become weak due to not getting fucked, today you Fuck me, I want to get fucked by you. I was surprised to hear all this, then sister-in-law came closer to me and started kissing me.

I was also in the mood and my penis had also become erect, so I had also made up my mind to fuck my sister-in-law today.
I also started kissing sister-in-law and started pressing her breasts over her nightie and pressing her nipples.
After some time, I started kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples and she started moaning sensually and she was enjoying it a lot.

After this, I took off all the clothes of sister-in-law and she was in front of me in red bra and panty and she was looking so hot. Friends, the size of her breasts is 36 and after seeing them, everyone feels like just slamming them and fucking them.
After this I also removed her bra and panty and now she was lying completely naked in front of me and then I also took off all my clothes and started kissing her boobs and took one hand down and hit her pussy hard with my fingers. Started moving it in and out and she started moaning… aahh… ahh… ahh…

Then I inserted my tongue into sister-in-law’s pussy and started licking her pussy very well and she started moaning and by licking I drank all the water from her pussy. Sister-in-law immediately got agitated and started telling me, don’t torment me any more… quickly put your penis inside.

Now I started rubbing my penis on her pussy and in one stroke I inserted my penis into her pussy and she screamed. I lifted both her legs and placed them on my shoulders and fucked them vigorously and loud fuch fuch sounds and sister-in-law’s moans aah… aah… aah… uff… echoed in the entire room.

Looking at the way sister-in-law was getting fucked by me, it seemed that she was very thirsty for cock and a horny woman.
After this, I turned her upside down and started fucking her in doggy style and gave strong thrusts into her pussy. That day, I fucked her a lot throughout the night, sometimes in the form of a bitch and sometimes in the form of a mare.

After about 1 hour of continuous fucking, we both ejaculated and I released all my semen in sister-in-law’s pussy and after that she started sucking my cock and I started enjoying a lot and then after 20 minutes we started fucking again. Satisfied the thirst of his pussy by fucking and Bhabhi in different positions.

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