Wife Swap of indian couples

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Re: Wife Swap of indian couples

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Pooja gasped loudly at the sudden intrusion. "Oh fuck...aaahh..ooohh...unnnhh...oh mere jiju." She moaned deliriously as Sanjay started fucking her with hard, deliberate thrusts.

Hearing her gasp and moan like that inflamed Rahul's arousal. Also hearing her choora making clinking sounds aroused him. He got up on the bed in front of his wife. She looked up at her husband with her mouth half open and breathing hard. Her pretty face was a mask of lust. She was in the throes of sexual passion. He bent down and kissed his wife as another man pounded her married pussy. Sanjay was using her like a piece of fuck meat.

"Aaah meri jaan...yehi dekhna tha mere baby ne?...paraya aadmi mujhe fuck kar raha hai baby...tumhari biwi ko, yehi dekhna tha?" She asked breathlessly as Sanjay kept funking her.

"Haan meri jaanu, yehi dekhna tha...meri jaan ko chudte hue dekhna tha aur kisi aadmi se...raand bana ke chod raha hai tujhe tera jija...tu uski aadhi gharwali hai, apne jija ka bistar garam karegi." He said lustily and again kissed her lustily. Sucking on her tongue and lips, exchanging saliva as another man kept fucking her. As he kissed her, Pooja again climaxed. Desperately she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and tightly held on as the intense sensations coursed through her body. Her body writhed and she almost passed out.

"Oooooh...aaaah...Rahuuul...Raaahul...babyeeee...pagal kar diya hai..aaaa..unnggghhh." She mumbled deliriously tightly holding on to her husband.

As her orgasm was subsidizing, Sanjay moved away and his place was quickly taken by Ashfaq. He roughly shoved his cock into her sopping wet pussy and started fucking her again. "Aisi raand pe toh aise hi baari baari se bandon ko chadna chahiye...ek baad ek lund ghusne chahiye ees chinal ki chut mein." Ashfaq said to Rahul as he fucked his wife. Pooja was truly feeling like a completely slut as the two men took turns on her. She was being passed among the two as a fucktoy.

"Yeh kuttiya gaand mein leti hai kya?" Ashfaq asked.

"Nahi...kabhi liya nahi hai gaand mein." Rahul responded.

"Chal agli bari jab isko tu chudwane ke liye layega toh iski gaand bhi marenge...ab ki baari iski chut se hi maze lete hain." Sanjay said with a grin.

Both the older men were very greedy and wanted to last longer. Wanted to fuck this young beautiful married woman as long as possible. Whenever either of them was close to cumming they would switch places and fucked her in different positions. Both of them fucked her for almost one hour and made Pooja orgasm multiple times.

Ashfaq was the first one to climax and came inside her with a loud grunt. His hairy body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat. As he slowly withdrew his deflating cock, cum leaked out of Pooja's gaping open reddened pussy lips. Rahul's cock twitched and leaked precum seeing the obscene sight of his wife's pussy leaking another man's baby making seed.

"Haramazadi...randi saali...nikal hi diya mere lund ka paani." Ashfaq said crudely as he stood up. "Maza a gaya ees gashti ko chod ke...itni mast gashti kabhi nahi chodi. Pura thaka diya, main chaloon sone ke liye, subah jaldi uth ke ghar jaana hai apni begum ke paas." Saying that he left after picking up his clothes.

His place was quickly taken up by Sanjay. He pushed back her legs till her knees were by her shoulders. She was obscenely spread open. "Teri biwi ki choot puri khol de hi hum dono ke lund ne...sahi ki raand bana diya hai teri nayee naveli dulhan ko." Saying that Sanjay shoved his cock into her sloppy pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. Soon he also came depositing more baby making juice in Pooja's pussy.

"Sahi mein maza a gaya yaar...aisi jawan, khubsurat raand kabhi nahi chodi aaj se pehle...mast tight chut hai ees haramzadi ki." Sanjay commented crudely as he withdrew his shrinking cock. More cum leaked out of Pooja's pussy as his cock came out. She was feeling completely ashamed now and as soon as Sanjay got off her, she turned sideways and hid her face in her arm."Chal main bhi chaloon sone ke liye...lekin ek cheez ka khyal rakhna, yeh sab jo hua, uska zikar galti se bhi Rashmi ke samne mat karna." Sanjaye winked at Rahul. "Ab tu apni raand biwi ke saath maze ley." Sanjay picked up his clothes and left.

"Jaanu please darwaza band kar do." Pooja said softly as soon as Sanjay left. Rahul went and shut the door. Pooja kept her face covered as Rahul got back on the bed. He gently pushed her onto her back. She immediately covered her face with her hands. "Kya kar rahi hai Pooja?...aise apni shakal kyon chhupa rahi hai?"

"Oh god I am feeling so embarrassed now...mujhe yakin nahi ho raha ki maine itna kuch kar diya...bahut sharm aa rahi hai ab." She said in an ashamed tone.

"It is okay...haath hatao apne." Saying that Rahul removed her hands from her face. "Bahut hot tha tumko sex karte hue dekhna. " He said to her as she shyly looked at him. "I love you baby." He said to her lovingly.

"I love you too...happy now? tumhari dirty fantasy puri ho gayee." She said bashfully.

"Very happy...apni sexy biwi ko chudte hue dekhna tha...asal mein dekhna toh aur bhi zyada hot hai...puri randi bana ke choda meri biwi ko." He said lustily as he got between her legs and pushed her legs apart.

"Na meri jaan aisi gandi language mein na bol...un dono waise hi bahut gandi gaaliyan aur ghatiya words use kiye." She turned her face away and closed her eyes. Remembering the crude, profane, dirty words the older men used.

"Chudai ke time mein yeh sab toh hota hi hai...chudte hue toh tu randi hi thi unki...you moaned like a complete slut as they fucked you baby." He stared at his wife's well fucked pussy, cum was leaking out of it. Her pussy was a obscene sight.

"Udhar na dekh...please baby, bahut ganda hai." She whined. But Rahul wanted a closer look. He pushed her legs back and bent down to have a closer look. "Oh meri jaan...bahut ganda hai." She was feeling very ashamed.

"Musalman ka lund liya apni chut mein, randi saali, tere baap ya mere baap ko pata chalega toh dono ka dimag kharab ho jayega." Just thinking about the tabooness, his cock twitched. He lowered his face and a heady odor assailed his nostrils. He started licking her freshly fucked pussy.

"Na meri jaan...naa...bahut gandi hoon main...na kar." She protested but put her hands behind her husband's head and pushed his face into her pussy. Rahul hungrily ate out his wife's well-fucking, cum leaking pussy. He made her climax on his mouth a couple of times and then made love to her. Adding more cum in his wife's pussy. After making love they were just too tired and fell asleep.

When Pooja woke up in the morning, Rahul was not next to her on the bed. She sat up and then heard the shower running. Rahul was showering. She got up and collected her strewn clothes and put them in the bag. As she was taking out clothes that she was going to wear home, Rahul came out of the bathroom. "Good Morning baby." He said sheepishly.

"Good Morning...main jaldi se shower le leti hoon phir ghar chalte hain." She responded while avoiding to look at her husband. They both were feeling very awkward now.

"Okay...theek hai." He quickly responded as he stared at her naked body. He felt a pit forming in the bottom of his stomach seeing the bite marks and hickeys on his wife's breasts. As Pooja walked passed him he stared at her reddened ass with finger imprints. He felt very guilty seeing the marks on her body. Those two were really rough with her.

After showering she came out of the bathroom wearing jeans and long sleeved top. Rahul went to her and hugged her tightly. "I am sorry jaanu...woh dono bahut zyada hi rough ho gaye tumhare saath, kitne nishan hai body pe. Does it hurt?' He asked guiltily.

"It fine Rahul...I am okay, thoda sa dard hai kuch khaas nahi." She reassured him and hugged him back tightly. "Do you think less of me baby?" She softly asked in a needy tone.

"Nahi meri jaan...you are my everything, I will never think less of you...I love you Jaan." He said honestly.

"Okay...I just want to get out of here...if Rashmi di asks about breakfast, say no. We will get something on our way. I feel so terrible facing her." She said in a guilty tone.

"Don't do that you yourself...it is okay." He said to her and she just nodded. Then as she glanced at the bed, her eyes opened wide. There were quite a few dried spots on the bed and two that were especially big.

"Oh shit...this is going to be so embarrassing. I will have to let Rashmi di know about it or just tell her to wash the bedsheet without even looking at it." Pooja quickly pulled off the bedsheet and dumped it on the floor.

Rashmi and Sanjay were in the kitchen. Sanjay was eating breakfast. "Sorry didi hum thoda late uthe." She said to Rashmi while completely avoiding to look at Sanjay. Rahul followed behind her carrying the bag.

"Arey koi baat nahi hume bhi zyada der nahi hui hai uthe hue...anyways Happy New Year!" Rashmi hugged Pooja.

"Happy New Year didi." Pooja smiled.

"I am very sorry Pooja and Rahul...drank a bit too much last night...pata hi nahi chala kab sone ke liye chali gai." She said contritely.

"Koi baat nahi Rashmi di...it is okay." Pooja said.

"Arey Happy New Year saali saheba." Sanjay said playfully.

"Happy New Year to you also Jiju." She responded without even looking at him. Then she whispered to Rashmi. "Didi zara ek baat karni hai." She pulled her aside and told her about the spots on the bedsheet and apologized for it.

"That is okay Pooja...tum dono newlywed couple ho, I am glad tumne mere ghar mein fun kiya." She whispered with knowing grin. "Don't worry about it...main woh bedsheet machine mein daal dungi...toh ab bolo breakfast mein kya khana pasand karoge?"

"Abhi bhukh nahi hai didi bas chalenge ab." Pooja responded.

"Kya bol rahi ho!...kuch toh kha ke jao...Rahul tum kuch khaoge?" Rashmi turned toward Rahul.

"Nahi didi mujhe bhi bhukh nahi hai." He smiled awkwardly.

"Lekin kuch chai, coffee...kuch pioge?" She asked them.

"Thank you didi kuch nahi...bas ab ghar ke liye nikalte hain hum der ho rahi hai." Pooja said in an apologetic tone.

"Okay theek hai...I sure hope you two had fun last night though." Rashmi remarked.

Pooja felt butterflies in her stomach hearing Rashmi's remark. She glanced at Sanjay who just grinned at her. "Haan didi it was a lot of fun...bahut achi party thi."

"Tum dono party mein aye ees liye party zyada fun rahi...we need to have you two over more often." Sanjay said with a sly grin. Pooja felt heat rising to her face and she quickly turned her face away towards Rahul.

"Chalo Rahul." She said to him.

Sanjay and Rashmi walked them to the door. Rashmi warmly hugged Pooja, "We have to get together again soon." She said and then moved to give a hug to Rahul.

Sanjay hugged Pooja and she uncomfortably wrapped her arms around him. He cupped her ass and whispered in her ear, "Haramzadi teri garam chut ko chod ke maza aa gaya, jaldi dobara milenge ab ki baari Surinder aur Karim bhi tujhe chodenge...char lund legi ek bad ek randi jaisi." Hearing the filthy, obscene words a shiver went down her spine and her pussy tingled.

"Theek hai saali saheba jaldi milne ka plan banate hain." Sanjay said loudly as he separated from her and shook hands with Rahul.

"Theek hai jiju." She sounded a bit flustered.
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Re: Wife Swap of indian couples

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"Rahul tumhare saath party karne ka maza hi kuch aur hi...I will call you, plan something." Sanjay said to Rahul.

"Okay give me a call." Rahul responded trying to said very nonchalant.

As he drove, Rahul took Pooja's hand in his, holding it lovingly. "You okay jaanu?"

"Yeah I am fine..." She smiled uncomfortably at her husband.

"Maine dekha tumhare jiju ne haath phera tum par...kaan mein kya khusar phusar kar raha tha?"

She shyly looked at her husband and said, "Bol raha tha ki jaldi dobara mil na chahta hai."

"Bas itna hai bola?...mujhe laga ki kaafi kuch whisper kar raha tha."

"Jaanu woh bas kuch gandi baatein bhi boli usne." She felt very ashamed.

"Acha...Kya bola?" Rahul asked in an excited tone.

"Baby!...kal raat ko jaisi baatein bol raha tha gaali ke saath." Her face turned crimson.

"Meri jaan ko phir se chodne ki baat kar raha tha?" His cock was hard.

"Haan...aur bol raha tha ki next time Karim aur Surinder honge, char log mere saath sex karenge." Her pussy got wet as she said that.

"Char nahi baby...paanch chodenge tujhe, main bhi chodunga tujhe...gangbang karenge tujhe, ek baad ek chadenge tere upar, raand bana ke chodenge meri jaan ko." His cock was rock hard and his words were dripping with lust.

Pooja clenched her thighs tightly and bit her lower lip gently. She was shocked that the she was getting so turned on by this wanton talk. "Nahi baby...we cannot do this again...this is wrong. Main shadi shuda aurat hoon, mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye." She fought through her arousal. "Just forget about this all...we will never meet Rashmi or Sanjay ever again." She said firmly.
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